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Acoustic, Blues, Contemporary Worship, Country, Gospel, Jazz, Praise, Rock

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Worship Leader in various churches for over 40 years, currently at Songwriter: I was blessed to be the Music Director for my kid’s school (k-8) for 7.5 yrs, recorded two CD projects with the kids, and mentored the Middle School Praise Team for about 10 years ( I have recently been “volun-told” by my Pastor to start a Ukulele group, so… “Uke Can Do It” is a community-wide, free-lesson group that meets twice a month, that is focused on Beginners. I have about 20+ people that come regularly, I consider this an Outreach.

Influences Influences

I’m a product of the 70’s/80’s… love clean, classic rock. Was force-fed the old country growing up which I’m willing to enjoy more now. I stumbled onto Jazz and Big Band in my late teens and my heart and head exploded. I also like reggae, but kind of sound like a ‘white guy trying to do reggae’, and other Latin and Island rhythms… but I try. I also love passionate ethnic music of all kinds. Classical music can be enjoyable, but if the stanzas are too legato for too long-o, I get board and hope there are fireworks at the movement.

Experiences (e.g. places played and musical education) Experiences (e.g. places played and musical education)

I love doing music outside the church… I take a group to Camp Pendleton at least once a year (Squadron Christmas/ Santa Fly-In) and I play in my local community with a mix of secular and Christian music selections. I will begin playing a few wineries here in Fallbrook and Temecula next year. I took songwriting coaching for about 2 years from Lynn Barrington ( and have been to many workshops sponsored by publishers, mostly focused on Christian Worship. I have done some studio work, but mostly just use Garage Band here at my workstation.
Early in college I took some music theory which really helped, but have had more live experience than classroom training.

Equipment List Equipment List

I’m not much of a gear snob… I’m not the ‘lead player’. I mainly use an Ibanez acoustic/electric, a vocal harmonizing pedal (with loop capability that I will tackle soon). I have a pedal board but don’t use it. Usually use my portable Alto 6 channel PA around town. I loved using my Line 6 Variax, but it needs some fret work (which will be done in the next month or two). I do have an old Gibson ES-175, but I never take it out of the house…it has great sentimental value, not to mention the two dusty pots that sound marvelous over the pa system.

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200 or more

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What Are You Looking For? What Are You Looking For?

I would love to get some ‘my’ tunes that are popular at my home church to be listed on CCLI. I would love to meet some songwriters I could learn to collaborate with (I’ve done some, but have not really ventured in this area).

Also, I want to get my daughter (26 yr old who focuses on Praise/Worship music) to be tutored by a great coach. Lexie lives in La Mirada, CA, her fiance is one of the new worship leaders of Eastside Church in Anaheim. It is her desire to make songwriting a life passion. I’m helping her look for events and networks she can begin to associate with, and grow in this craft.