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Name Name

Scott Nelson

City City

Newport Beach

State State


Zip Code Zip Code


Gender Gender


Instrument(s) Played Instrument(s) Played

Vocals (Background), Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums, Banjo, Percussion

Music Genre(s) Music Genre(s)

Acoustic, Blues, Contemporary Worship, Country, Gospel, Jazz, Praise, Rock

About You About You

Time’s been a crunch for a couple years now, but I’m hoping for windows to open up.  I used to play drums for Lifehouse Worship Center, and before that at Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo, TX.  Was in a touring ORU band in college.  I play mainly because I love it.  Guitar is pretty rudimentary and it hasn’t been tested with other musicians, but who knows.  Worship to me is making love overtures to the Bridegroom and warfare as well.  That affects how I approach playing, when the music allows that.

About Your Band About Your Band

I could use one….

Influences Influences

Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Mark Craney, Ringo, Phil Collins, Carl Palmer, Jeff Porcaro, Jim Gordon, Alan White.  Other non-drum influences too numerous to mention, just can’t model them.

Equipment List Equipment List

Currently pared back quite a bit:  Roland electronic kit, Carvin acoustic, Line 6 JTV-59 and Amplifi 150, Squier Strat, Alvarez mandolin, various pedals.

Are you a studio musician? Are you a studio musician?


I tend to practice I tend to practice

Once a week

Number of services or gigs played Number of services or gigs played

50 to 100

Looking for gigs? Looking for gigs?

Volunteer Gigs

What Are You Looking For? What Are You Looking For?

What most Christian musicians are looking for, I guess.  A divine fit, anointing, purpose, being connected to something greater than the sum of the talents and ambitions resident within the band members and congregation.  Something with the potential to become great.  Having said that, I understand the need to keep a light touch on things.  The Lord has His own plans.