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Name Name

Klaus J. Green

City City

Mission Viejo

State State


Zip Code Zip Code


Gender Gender


Instrument(s) Played Instrument(s) Played

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Music Genre(s) Music Genre(s)

Blues, Contemporary Worship (aka Praise)

About You About You

Well, most of you know me as a well-rounded musician as to various styles and genres of music. I feel led to provide my God-given talents to various worship opportunities wherein there lies a need for accomplished instrumental worship musicians to fill the gap, as they say, for various churches which lack their own full worship ministry bands/groups. Hence, I’m open to participating in sharing my talents with churches that lack full worship teams, whether the need is electric, acoustic or classical guitar.

Influences Influences

Gosh, there are just so many! Just for a taste, I enjoy Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Allen Hinds, Allan Holdsworth, George Benson, some classical guitar street players on YouTube (especially ones from Europe), Pat Metheny, Greg Howe and Frank Gambale, just to name a few.

Equipment List Equipment List

GUITARS: 1967 Gibson 335, Fender Robben Ford Guitar (1984), Music Man Axis, Music Man Axis Super Sport, Gibson Chet Atkins Classical Guitar, Zion Custom Stratocaster (Phil Keaggy’s old Zion Stratocaster), Ibanez Electric Acoustic, Old Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster (65 body with a 67 neck).

AMPS: 65 Fender Deluxe, 65 Fender Showman Head, 66 Fender Bandmaster Head (all three amps are original), 3 Mesa Boogie single 12″ cabs (old), FUCHS Overdrive Supreme 100, FUCHS Overdrive Supreme 30, FUCHS Blackjack 21 Combo, old Fender Pro Junior, Roland Keyboard Amp (used for my acoustic guitar), Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp, Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2-90 Stereo Power Amp, Roland GR 50 Guitar Synth and Allan Holdsworth’s old stereo Ampeg Stereo 2 – 12″ cabinet.

PEDAL BOARDS: LA Sound Design custom pedal board, Line 6 HD 500 pedal, Line 6 Helix pedal, old Sessions pedal board.


Are you a studio musician? Are you a studio musician?


I tend to practice I tend to practice


Number of services or gigs played Number of services or gigs played

200 or more

Looking for gigs? Looking for gigs?

Paid Gigs, Volunteer Gigs