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Name Name


City City

Castle Rock

State State


Zip Code Zip Code


Gender Gender


Instrument(s) Played Instrument(s) Played

Keyboard, Other

Music Genre(s) Music Genre(s)

Contemporary Worship, Orchestral, Praise, Rock, Traditional

About You About You

I’ve played electric violin and keys in secular bands on and off most of my life (since the late 1970’s), and on praise since becoming a believer in 1995. I enjoy a lot of different styles, and frown on putting our worship into a box of just one style or another. Violin is my primary instrument, but I also like to orchestrate (play parts) or pads on the keys. I have a mandolin, but it’s pretty cheap and doesn’t stay in tune.

I also have a lot of experience running sound, designing lighting, set design and construction, computer programming, etc. Designed and installed all of the AV systems, network systems, security cameras and phones for our new worship center (2 years ago). Worked for other performing arts groups for more than 15 years designing lights, sets, and running sound. Also went to school for graphic design.

Influences Influences

Kansas, and other classic rock, Celtic, Bluegrass, Jazz, Messianic, Contemporary Christian (Hillsong, Casting Crowns, Crowder, Wickham, Tomlin, etc.), traditional.

Experiences (e.g. places played and musical education) Experiences (e.g. places played and musical education)

Started violin lessons in 5th grade through 9th grade. Play by ear and read music and charts. Learned synth in high school but am self-taught. Played in orchestra through 9th grade. Started jamming with other musicians and playing in rock bands in high school.

Equipment List Equipment List

Yamaha Violin YEV105 five string electric violin. NS Design 5-string electric violin. Yamaha YSV104 4-string electric violin. BBE Acoustimax preamp. Zoom Guitar effects pedal. Acoustic modeling pedal for violin. Line-6 wireless transmitter/receiver. Alesis Fusion 8 (just died). Looking to purchase a Yamaha Modx+7 keyboard soon to replace the Fusion for home. Play a Montage 8 at church.

Are you a studio musician? Are you a studio musician?


I tend to practice I tend to practice

Once a week

Number of services or gigs played Number of services or gigs played

200 or more

Looking for gigs? Looking for gigs?

Volunteer Gigs

What Are You Looking For? What Are You Looking For?

Opportunities to worship with other churches in the area, maybe once a month.