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Name Name

Jim Turner

City City

Newnan, Ga (South of Atlanta)

State State


Zip Code Zip Code


Gender Gender


Instrument(s) Played Instrument(s) Played

Worship Leader, Vocals (Lead), Vocals (Background), Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Other, Percussion, Piano, Trumpet

Music Genre(s) Music Genre(s)

Acoustic, Contemporary Worship, Electronic, Orchestral, Metal, Praise, Rock, Traditional

About You About You


My name is Jim, and I have been involved in worship ministry for close to 20 years. I have a Bachelors degree in Bible, Music and Worship Ministry from Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. I just celebrated 10 years of marriage to my wife Nicole, and we have 3 kids under 6 (our first ministry!).

My wife and I are also music evangelists, and we love to travel to churches to assist with revivals or conferences. We also have a heart and passion for coming alongside the local church, especially churches who’s worship leaders need a break or a breath.

About Your Band About Your Band

As a musician, I am proficient in many styles on Acoustic and Electric Guitar, and Keyboards. I am also very familiar with the additional instruments listed and can hold my own in pretty much any given situation. I’m happy to be in the front driving the ship, or stepping back and sitting in the pocket on the backline.

My wife and I also lead worship together. We began singing together in a traveling group before we even began dating, and she is anointed on stage like few people I’ve ever met.

If you hire me, here is what you should expect from me: 1) I will arrive on time and prepared,  2) I will bring my own equipment and set it up, unless otherwise discussed (I’m happy to use your stuff if it’s easier for you!), and 3) I will be a servant in whichever capacity I am scheduled for, church work and worship music are not a place for divas.

Influences Influences

Acoustic Guitar:

Charlie Hall, Mike Weaver, David Crowder, Andy Mckee, Antoine Dufour, Jason Truby

Electric Guitar:

The Edge (this is a prerequisite, isn’t it?), Nigel Hendroff, Jason Truby, Daniel Carson, James Duke, Eric Owyoung,


Charlie Hall, The Civil Wars, Phil Whickham, Jason Wade, Dave Elkins (of MAE), Christian Stanfill,


Nathan Nockles, David Santasteven, Bach, Matt Gilder (M.D. for Chris Tomlin)

Experiences (e.g. places played and musical education) Experiences (e.g. places played and musical education)

I can email my resume to you if you would like, but here is a birds eye view:


25 years private lessons in Piano and Guitars; Bachelor of Science in Bible, Music and Worship Ministry


Youth Worship Leader at 2-3 youth groups form ’99-’06

Traveling singing group (Primary Focus/Living Proof) ’03-’05 (Traveled to at lease 36 states during these 2 years)

Part-Time and Volunteer worship leader at Various churches around Knoxville / Chattanooga from ’05-’10 (Also many chapel services at school)

Full time Worship Pastor at Carver Road Baptist Church during ’10-’12

Music instructor at christian Worship School from ’12-’13

Part Time Worship Leader at Various Churches from ’12-’17

Now my wife and I are music evangelists. From this time period, I have probably missed about 7 Sundays.

Equipment List Equipment List

Acoustic Guiar Setup: Taylor 714ce, Boss DD-7 (delay), Strymon BlueSky (Reverb), Radial J48 Di box. Can run Mono or Stereo.

Electric Guitar Setup: Epiphone Les Paul, EHX Soul Food, Boss BD-2, Ernie Ball VP JR, Boss DD-7, Strymon BlueSky, Fender Frontman 65r Amp.

Keyboard Setup: M-Audio Axiom 61 MIDI Controller, MacBook Pro Running MainStage 3. I primarily use Sunday Sounds ‘Sunday Keys’ Template.

Auxiliary: Looptimus MIDI controller, Ableton Live, MainStage, Logic Pro X, Tapestry Audio Time Traveler (PBM Controller for DD-7), MXL 551, and 550 Microphones w. stands For Guitar Amp

Are you a studio musician? Are you a studio musician?


I tend to practice I tend to practice


Number of services or gigs played Number of services or gigs played

200 or more

Looking for gigs? Looking for gigs?

Paid Gigs

What Are You Looking For? What Are You Looking For?

I would love to come to your church and help you out of a bind on that Sunday when you just can’t find someone to fill that hole in your band.

I would also love the opportunity to come and lead your congregation in worship. If you are the worship leader, you need a break! But you won’t be able to relax if you are worried that your church is not being taken care of. If you bring My wife and I in, you will be in professional competent hands, and you can recharge your batteries to be your best when you return to your congregation.

Together Since Together Since