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Praise vs. Worship Music, What is the Difference?

I’m sure to some, the answer to the question ‘what’s the difference between worship and praise music’ might seem obvious. But after 40 years as a musician and equally as long a Christian, I have to admit that I really didn’t know the answer. So, I started thinking that perhaps there were others out there who don’t know either?

It’s not really difficult to understand the difference in theory, but living them out could be. Praise music is fairly easy, worship music, not so much.

Praise music will be of the variety that allows the listener to glorify God through song, playing an instrument, lifting up hands and/or dancing. The attitude of the heart in praise music is thanksgiving and ‘making a joyful noise’, giving God glory for his greatness.

Worship music inspires an inward reflection that helps us connect with God in a more personal way, opening up the Spirit to speak and motivate, aligning our will with the Lord’s. This type of music will be less upbeat with the attitude of the heart being humility as we come before the throne room and marvel at God’s love and mercy.

Praise music can certainly be a part of Worship, so whatever song style you play and share may depend on how mature your audience is in receiving the Holy Spirit.

Here’s a link to a site that has many bible verses on the topic of praise and worship music!

Diana D’Itri is a long time singer, musician and worship leader who enjoys homeschooling her grandkids, writing & recording original music, and playing live.

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